Vansnick Rudi

Dendermondesteenweg, 143
9070 Destelbergen

RudiPlace & Date of birth Herfelingen, 8 september 1955
Nationality Belgian
Marital Status Widower
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Rudi started his professional career at the Ministry of Agriculture and quickly became involved in the digitisation process of government administration. In 1988 he developed the "pharmacy computer" solution, bringing communication facilities to pharmacy distribution centres and pharmacists (in collaboration with Labo Flandria, Gent). The elaborated solution was later implemented in France, Luxemburg and Germany, with national regulations and laws incorporated for each country.


A few years later he designed and implemented a huge IT-architecture for logistics and communication purposes in Hungary for a food/non-food distribution corporation (TiszaCoop). More recently he was involved in the IT-outsourcing contract of the Flemish government for about 2 years. An impressive experience was gathered while implementing corporate decisions on regional and local level such as the Flemish portal website.


Since 2000 he has been president of the Belgian chapter of the Internet Society, an organization focusing on the promotion of the internet for everyone. He participates in national debates with federal and regional governments on topics such as cyber criminality and security issues related to Belgian citizens. In November 2004 he became more and more involved in Internet issues and debates all around the world - in Bangladesh, Tunis, Hannover. In 2005 he became the national expert for the World Summit Awards and one of the 38 Grand Jury members from all over the world in electing the 40 best e-Content projects worldwide.


2006 saw him focusing on breaching the Digital Divide through projects in regional and European organisations. His goal: to capture the voices of the Internet user, individual as well as in an organisational environment, understanding the needs and burdens of each. He considers the most difficult hurdle to be the fact that while culture and technology are far away from each other, they should be mutually supportive.


His 30 years experience in ICT was a perfect basis for the study ISOC Belgium together with EROV made on the usage of ICT in the Social Profit sector in East-Flanders. The result of this survey, which last till end of 2007, The ICT Whitebook for the Social Pofit is available in electronic format by simple request at It contains an overview of the ICT inventory in the Social Profit in East-Flanders and several requirements and recommandations for the sector itself but also for government and the ICT sector.


2006 December 6th Rudi participated in the International Conference in Washington focusing on the Rights and Protection of Children in the Web 2.0 World. An issue he was already involved in during the Round table in June 2006 in Brussels, in presence of Ms. Viviane Reding and several important authorities. Following this congress, he participated in the workshop organised by ETSI in February, focusing on what should be done by the telco's for children up to 12 years of age.


Early 2005 he was part of the group founding the At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) an user constituency in ICANN. Later in 2007 in the ICANN meeting in Lisbon he was also one of the founding members of EURALO (European Regional At Large Organisation). Involved in national matters in relation to domain names, registry and registrars, he focuses specifically on issues of cyber security in relation to registries and registrars. During the 33rd ICANN meetings in Cairo, he got elected ALAC liaison ccNSO for 2009, in 2010 his mandate was extended for another year.


April 2008 the general assembly of TIK vzw (usersgroup Telecom & Internet customers in Belgium - some 10.000 members) has decided to elect a new board. Rudi moved from secretary to president for a mandate of 3 years.


World Summit Award 2009 choose among the 168 countries 34 grand jury members, Rudi is one of them. They gather together in India - New Delhi ( The gala takes place in September 2009 in Monterrey Mexico. In 2011 Rudi was again selected grand jury member for the 2011 World Summit Award in Hong Kong together with his 33 colleagues from 30 different contries across the world.

In 2012 Rudi Vansnick got nominated and elected member of the board of trustees of Internet Society (worldwide) . His mandate lasts for 3 years ending in August 2015.

Rudi is managing partner in EUSIP bvba (hosting, housing company) and NWX Projex Ltd. (internet service provider).

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