Internet madness – tax on transactions ?

November 21st, 2016 by Rudi Vansnick Leave a reply »

Recently ETNO made a remarkable statement, shaking the Internet world. Luigi Gambardella, chair of ETNO, expressed the will of the ETNO organisation and its members to implement a mechanism allowing to collect fees from providers.

Q: How would this work? If someone in Europe rents a movie from a U.S.-based service, then part of that fee would go to ISPs in Europe? Isn’t this pretty similar to a tax?
Gambardella: No. Because, first, as I said, we don’t want to touch the Internet of today. We don’t want to touch the services that are offered today.

But what can happen? A service provider — can be European — wants to sell a film, a movie. It wants to be sure the movie has a quality of service and has a certain kind of speed. So, therefore, we make an agreement and we allow them to offer this service. From the point of view of the service provider, he can have an additional revenue that he cannot have today because of the limitation of the network and best-effort. Sometimes the quality is not guaranteed. The customer has something that is today not yet offered. And we can add revenue.

But this is all based on commercial agreements. There is no obligation…


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